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The Bullying Brown

Lord Mandelson seems to me to be entirely dishonest as he denies allegations of the British Prime Minister's bullying in and out of 10 Downing Street. He says there is "zero tolerance" of bullying within the cabinet, whereas we Icelanders have actually been experiencing Mr Brown´s zero tolerance of our national economy as well as of ourselves! He even applied against us his Anti-Terrorist Act, with immense damage to our economy, our unemployment figures as a result soaring up to EU standards! People are seriously considering if the decision for that hostile action, resorting to the Anti-Terrorist Act, was perhaps a result of one of his fits of rage!

Such a shame, and how can he expect us to sit still and quiet accepting even more offense coming from his pen and lips, and his envoys trying endlessly to lure our weak and corrupt, unprincipled politicians to pay to the kingdoms of the UK and the Netherlands an unholy amount which is not their due?! Of course I am talking about that sordid Icesave affair and the most recent disgraceful 'offer' coming from London to Reykjavik, prolonging the obnoxious, Fiji Islands-like persecution of the Republic of Iceland.

Coming back to the main subject, how can those spin-masters and defenders of Mr Brown maintain he has not been bullying people when, truthfully, he has earned the sternest rebuke for precisely that, and from no less honorable newspapers than the Financial Times and The Times Business edition!

Witness a leader in the Financial Times just one or two days before the uproar about Gordon Brown´s bullying at his very citadel in Whitehall. 'The bullying of Iceland over compensation for Icesave depositors has reached the brink' – so it says at the very beginning of the Editorial, A fence to mend, in the Financial Times just five days ago, February 18. And here is that editorial's conclusion: 'London and Amsterdam should stop their bullying and accept the earlier offer – or take Landsbanki’s assets and write off any remaining balance. It is a small price to pay for mending their side of the fence.' (Bold letters are mine.)

All doubting Thomases in the Icesave case would benefit from reading The Times' Business Edition editoral, Moral hazard of bailing out Icesave. It is an honest disclosure of Mr Darling´s arbitrary methods of 'bring[ing] a small country to its knees' 'by pursuing a legally debatable claim' forcing that country to the brink of bankruptcy in foreseeable future.

In the Cold War period, this was a good tease to the radicals' ears: 'Why did not Lenin stop beating his wife?' – A most mischievous question! However, here is a question everyone should be asking Her Majesty's Right Honorable Prime Minister: 'Why on earth don't you stop bullying the innocent People of Iceland?'
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