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My Icelandic websites, and those of my affiliations
For general information, I should like to give here my websites where I have been writing extensively, on a whole range of subjects, in the last few years:

1) jonvalurjensson.blog.is : this is where I have been most actively writing, from May 2006. (My "author's page", or profile.)

2) blogg.visir.is/jvj : my blogsite (started in August 2008) at Visir.is, where I am usually among the 12 to 15 most viewed.

3) krist.blog.is : the website of Kristin stjórnmálasamtök, the Christian Political Movement in Iceland, about and for which I have been very actively writing, from March 2007, being also one of the founders and main promoters of that movement.

4) kirkju.net/index.php?blog=10 : My oldest blogsite, from July 2005, run in collaboration with a few other catholics in my country; we are writing specifically on matters of faith and morals and ecclesiastical affairs (the whole network, 'Kirkjunetið', can be approached here: kirkju.net/v/ – or rather here: kirkju.net/index.php).

5) thjodarheidur.blog.is : This is the website of Þjóðarheiður – samtök gegn Icesave, or National Honour – Coalition against Icesave (est. February, 2010, with 79 members as of October 2010), of which I am the chairman, and a frequent contributor to that website. (Actually, at the present website you can read quite a few articles and blogs on that subject in English, HERE!)

PS. This is where I was officially announcing my candidacy to the Constitutional Assembly in Iceland, due to be held in February to April, 2011, for the election of which members there will be a general election in this country in November 27. And here on the DV newspaper website I have written a good number of articles on those constitutional issues.

About the same time I started my Facebook page, here: facebook.com/jonvalur.jensson, and am quite active there at times.

PPS. In the summer of 2011 I had the initiative to set up a new organization, Samtök um rannsóknir á Evrópusambandinu (ESB) og tengslum þess við Ísland–––that is, Organization for research of the European Union (EU) and its relations with Iceland–––and was elected the chairman of the board. We are 15 in that organization, and four on the board. In April this year, 2012, we started a website, Fullveldisvaktin ("The independence watch"), having the web-address fullveldi.blog.is.

PPPS!  This is my newest blogsite: Lífsréttur, or Right-to-Life, a pro-life forum of information and discussion. In 1987, actually, I set up an info. service of that name (a registered firm), and published some leaflets in the ensuing years, among other things. The blogsite was launched the 10th of June, this year, but the main activities will most likely be in winter rather than summer! Yet you can take a look at some articles (In Icelandic mainly, as yet) here, but here is one in English too.