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If every day were like another
If every day were like another
and nothing to cheer up a man like me,
I'd shrug it off: "Why should I bother?
Christ, my hope, is yet heavenly.–––
Do your duty, old wretched man!
by helping others, as much as you can."

A winter limerick

There was a lady from Ghana

who wouldn't dream of the pleasure

that alone I feel in my leisure,

thinking of sweet Oksana.

Her body and soul is my treasure!


And besides:

So gently light, athletic looks,

and bright your skin, delightful form,

and smile of charms, and chest so warm,

with verses sweet might fill my books!



I swim every day

in my same old way,

a dozen of hundreds of meters.

I'm unique, I'm that Jón,

and my style is my own,

neither Paul's or Martin's nor Peter's!


Für die liebe Annika

Fräulein, sind Sie in meinem Sinn

geboren wie die Muse des Tages?

Dieser Erfahrung wegen ich bin

ziemlich zufrieden mit Stande des Lages

meiner so zeitlichen Existenz,

–––ich war Ihre einzige Audienz!


Kommen Sie wieder, um mich zu sehen,

ja, lassen mich nicht so lange warten!

Ich wollte nicht wirklich von Ihnen gehen;

kennen Sie meinen Gedanke so zarten?

O Sie sind schön, und meinetwegen

kommen und seid meiner Seele Segen!


For my favorite

Gosh! are you there, and sliding as ever

swiftly your way to that goal of ours?

Slim as you are, I forget you never,

versify could for endless hours:

Bound in my mind by a golden chain,

for you I shall sing my last refrain.


Only You


You affect me, as ever you do,

    in your charms, my dearie.

I can think of only you

    as my finest fairy.


On Ash Wednesday

(for nobody in particular)

Rub, as you do, my limbs.

Notions of love and care

may fly through my thought–––so swims

my mind in your lovely hair

endlessly with you everywhere.

d10ii16 á göngu

My homage due

You get what you deserve:

my homage due,

such looks, too sweet to ignore,

belong to you!



Take off from here, and be no more oppressed

by alien thoughts and doubts and visitations

of unpure spirts–––let your vacillations

be put at last to long deservèd rest.


De tre cyklister
Jeg traf disse tre, Rikka og hendes veninder, iaften og snart opdagede, at de ikke var nogle hverdagsmennesker, men næsten heltepersoner i deres idræt, long distance cycling. "Kæmpegode!" tænkte jeg, og så kom næsten pludseligt dette smule vers, som jeg havde også den fornøjelse at give til dem:

  Man tror først: de er kun almindelige

  unge damer som morer sig.

  Så finder man ud: Jeg skal hellere sige:

  Hvor kæmpegode og glæder mig !

                                                                                          13. Jan. 2016